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​​I am so grateful that you’re here. We had lots of deep transformational fun together, and I'm so happy to have a space to hold these beautiful talks for you to look back on and rewatch at your convenience. 

We had 30 Powerful Experts who shared their tips, wisdom, and inspirations.... And held nothing back.  These are deep thinkers. Trailblazers. Healers with heart. You will not want to miss it, so please check out anything you've missed or re-live your faves!  
Every talk is rich with information and practical tools. So, please prepare to be inspired! Check out each speakers generous gifts as well. I promise, you will walk away transformed. 

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Shereen Sun

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At 10 years old, SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) announced to her mother that she was supposed to be a beacon of hope and write books for the world. She wrote her first book in her playhouse that summer and SARK has been living, doing and being transformation ever since. She is the best selling author and artist of seventeen books (and writing her most succulent now) selling over three million copies. Her art, programs, products and services have sold around the world. She is an acclaimed teacher and mentor, and her wisdom has touched and transformed the lives of millions. SARK has been praised by people like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Julia Cameron, Louise Hay and so many more. Dr. Maya Angelou wrote about SARK "We, in this world, and this weary old world itself, have a great gaping need for SARK. 

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Elayne Doughty, MA, MFT, has been on the path of passionate service for the past 20 years. She is an ordained Priestess and the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple - a dedicated temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School which initiates women into the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine - in a modern context. Through embodiment practices and devoted service, the temple inspires women to unleash their leadership gifts and step into their full potential. Elayne specializes in helping women tap into their deepest wisdom, enabling them to harness their own transformational power to be more effective and whole in every aspect of their lives. She is a psychotherapist, global social and spiritual activist (see www.globalgratitudealliance.org - the organization she co-founded), best-selling author, speaker, and soul midwife.
Elayne's free gift is a free 5-part mini video email course to remember and activate your inner-Priestess. Receive: daily emails, videos, a sacred workbook, and a meditation. 
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Corin Grillo, MA, Is A Trained Psychotherapist, International Healer, And Teacher. She Is The Founder Of The Angel Alchemy Academy And Leads Transformative Workshops And Trainings In All Things Intuitive Healing. She Teaches By Bridging Her Students With Direct Mystical Experiences, Excessive Amounts Of Laughter, Down To Earth Spiritual Wisdom, And Powerful, Cutting Edge Energy Therapy Techniques That Rapidly Heal The Heart, Mind, And Soul.

Corin's free gift is a 7 day program to talk to and invite the angels into your life and call in miracles.
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Amber Bonnici Is An Intuitive Creativity Coach And Creative Business Mentor. Amber Helps Women Access Their Creative Power And Supports Creatives (Authors, Artists, Teachers, Healers & Creative Business Owners) Get Their Message Out Into The World Through Her Live Events And Yearlong Coaching Programs. Amber Is Host Of The Woman Unleashed Retreats, An Online Event That Gathers Tens Of Thousands Of Women Each Year. Amber Began Painting In 2010. Within 3 Years Her Award Winning Artwork Was Featured In Solo Shows, The United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women And Human Rights, An Artists Perspective. Amber Supports Her Online Global Community Of 25,000+ Women To Spread Their Creativity Throughout The World. When She’s Not Teaching Or Coaching, You’ll Find Her On The Big Island Of Hawaii Painting, Dancing Hula Or Hanging With Her Husband And Boys. Learn What She's Up To At Www.Womanunleashed.Com

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Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge and a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with an emphasis in Buddhism, Shaiva Tantra, and SomaticPsychology. Her transformative courses focus on the power of applying the dharma to one's life. She helps people train themselves in meditation, mindfulness practices, and compassionate self-inquiry so they can gain freedom from conditioned mind and open up to possibility.

Kelly's free gift is "Training on Vision (Metta Manifestation Awareness Process) and Free MMAP support call".
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Laüra Hollick is an Award-winning Artist and Visionary Guide. She is known for her embodiment art, and guiding global art projects like International Soul Art Day and the Global Vision Quest. After walking 10,000km on a Vision Quest Laüra clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She founded Soul Art Studio Inc, a business devoted to circulating love around the world with creative inspiration. BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laüra’s art and life called “The Artist’s Life-Laura Hollick.” She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called “The Artist’s Lifestyle.” She also gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.” Recently Laüra transformed an old dilapidated house into a symbol of transformation through her public art project called “The Rainbow House.” 

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Justin Michael Williams is an iTunes top 20 recording artist, inspirational entertainer, and entrepreneur who was worked with over 800 creative entrepreneurs in over 40 countries. He creates media, content, and strategies for people who are ready to find their purpose and reach their full potential.

Justin's free gift is "Meditation: for people who want to get sh!t done."
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Anahita Joon Tehrani was born during the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Anahita is a modern day priestess, healer, and medicine woman. Anahita’s work is the culmination of over twenty years of intensive study with mystic masters and shamans, social research, as well as over ten years of her own teaching and facilitation. As a Feminine Leadership and Empowerment coach Anahita activates the sacred leadership of women who are ready to awaken and unleash the force of nature within. Anahita is a credentialed coach and spiritual counsellor and creator of The Beautiful Self TM & Embodied Essence TM.

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Kaia Ra is the world renowned Oracle for an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe and the Bestselling Author of The Sophia Code. She is A Divine Feminine teacher, speaker, ceremonialist and ordained minister teaching The Sophia Code curriculum worldwide. 

Kaia Ra has served an international clientele and facilitated workshops in Sophia Christ consciousness for well over a decade. She expanded beyond her private practice to begin publicly channeling and performing live ceremonies for audiences across the world. 

Kaia Ra is a mystic and alchemist of spiritual lineages, metaphysical training, and direct revelation. Her training includes being initiated as: a Sekhem & Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Rising Star Healing Practitioner, a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, a ThetaHealing Practitioner®, a certified Controlled Remote Viewer, an ordained Priestess of Isis, an ordained minister in Medicine Path NAC Berkeley CA, and initiated into a Quero Apache prophetic lineage. 

Surviving multiple near death experiences, her living transmission is of shamanic proportions. KAIA RA leads an international movement and modern day mystery school for mentoring initiates in the codex, and offers The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective. 
Kaia's free gift is "Mother Mary Keycode 4 Initiation ."
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Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, Lorna Liana discovered her purpose and her divine calling while drinking visionary plant medicines with indigenous shamans, in 2004. She was given a mission: 

“To leverage emerging technologies to preserve indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world, and technology can empower indigenous people.”  

For the past 6 years Lorna has built her business as a digital nomad, living in Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Spain. She has spent extended periods of time in the restricted indigenous territories of the Brazilian Amazon as a guest of the tribes. Prior to becoming a location independent internet entrepreneur, she worked as an online marketer in San Francisco, specializing in social media, SEO, and community development through social web technology. 

Currently, she is passionate about helping visionary leaders inspire a movement by attracting their tribe using Internet marketing launch strategies. She teaches the Art of Tribe Building through virtual summits, Facebook advertising, and organic content marketing.

Lorna's free gift is her ebook  "The Art of Attracting Your Tribe Online."
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Flora Bowley is a painter, permission-giver, gentle guide, and author of two books, Brave Intuitive Painting and Creative Revolution. Blending over twenty years of professional painting experience with her background as a yoga instructor, out-of-the-box thinker, and lifelong seeker, Flora’s soulful approach to the creative process has sparked a holistic movement in the intuitive art world by encouraging thousands of people to courageously pick up a paintbrush through her books, intimate in-person workshops, and popular online classes. Flora lives with her partner, Jonathan, his son, and their dog, Pearl, in Portland, OR. Her own vibrant collection of paintings can be found in galleries, shops, and printed on unique products around the world.

Flora's free gift is her creation "Your Creative Kickstart Video Series".
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Sonali Fiske is a Sri Lankan-American & the founder of Pick You Platform & Raise Your Voice. As a leadership guide to underrepresented & femme-identified BIWOC leaders, her passion is to centre the often suppressed & sidelined stories of women still considered on the margins of our society. She also speaks internationally, is a workshop leader & conducts a monthly podcast entitled "Call to Sacred Activism." Sonali has visited 33 countries & her nonprofit management and global volunteer experiences have taken her from spearheading a sanitation project in Nairobi, to post-tsunami housing reconstruction efforts in Sri Lanka. In addition, Sonali is currently a council member of the International Council of Interfaith & Indigenous Women.
Sonali's free gift is to you is "From Cultural Appropriation to Healing Wounds of Colonization".
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Susan Jenkins is a Shaman Priestess, Healer & Medicine Dreamer who helps people heal, deepen their connection to spirit and the earth, empower themselves and embody their soul visions. She works closely with the earth and journeys into the spirit realms for guidance and inspiration from animal spirits, medicine guides and luminous beings. Clients report profound healing and transforming and empowering shifts from working with Susan. www.shamanichealingwork.com
Susan has 3 free gifts for you! 3 FREE Gifts: Healing Rainbow Light Meditation ~ Shamanic Drumming and Journeys to the Butterfly and Red Tailed Hawk.
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WITH Christina morassi

Christina Morassi is a successful healer-turned-coach blessed to say she achieved the entrepreneurial dream. She reached the high 6-figures in her 3rd year of business helping women in 27 countries find their Ecstatic Brands, created big 3-day live events, and along with her community, raised $25K to sponsor a village in Africa for 5 years. It was AMAZING! And… She was exhausted from being in man-mode all the time and following other people's templates to success. So 3 years ago she pulled the plug on her successful business, created a pleasure makeover for herself, and now is on a mission to support other successful women entrepreneurs access their feminine power in business, fueling from Pleasure Power vs. Willpower, and becoming thriving PleasureCEO’s. You can find her embracing her own Feminine Operating System while living as a #digitalnomad in places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Northern California too.
Christina's free gift is a simple checklist filled with easy & creative steps, print it out, and keep it on your desk so you can be inspired to add more pleasure to your work!
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WITH charlotte nguyen

Charlotte Nguyễn is a meditation teacher, embodiment coach, activist, and a safe space. Coming from a Southeast Asian background, spirituality and mysticism have always been part of her experience. But like many immigrant families, survival was the guiding force that shaped her early years. Over the past decade, she began a quest to find herself, beyond the fear. Meditation, sacred movement, tea medicine and community each played a role – weaving together her love of spiritual practice, creative expression and social action. Charlotte has a daily practice of meditation, a space where she connects with her body and soul in mindfulness. She is blessed to serve and share this practice which has so profoundly changed her life.

Charlotte's free gift is a "Guided Meditation for healing past trauma using using mindfulness, affirmation, and metta (loving-kindness)."
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WITH shaDe ashani

Shadé is an author, speaker, coach and international philanthropist. She graduated from Columbia University and earned her Masters in Public Health from Tulane University. She interviewed hundreds of women ages 18-75 and found an absolute difference between girls who grew up with and without their fathers. She gained a profound understanding of the different ways women are wounded by their fathers and then go on to live as if those wounds are the truth. Shadé wrote a book called In Search of My Father about how healing her relationship with her father set her free to experience healthy love and wealth. This is her life's devotion: to bring an end to the unnecessary suffering caused by unworthiness. Shadé is an active philanthropist and has raised half a million dollars for her nonprofit, Kids International, in hopes of making a difference in the lives of orphaned children around the world. Shade was honored by Congress for her work and is a Goodwill Ambassador to The Gambia in West Africa. She wakes up every day, trying to be more like Yahweh. Shadé currently lives in Hawaii where she spends most days hiking with Savannah strapped to her back and helping women get free.

Shade's free gift is a "Free Sacred Healing Journey"
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Talya Lutzker is founder of Talya’s Kitchen – an Ayurvedic kitchen about so much more than food; it’s a place to drink deep nourishment for the heart and soul of who you are. Talya helps people who love Ayurveda take a giant step forward in their wellness, self-care and reclaiming their radiance.

Talya's free gift to you is "Ayurveda Body Love Starter's Guide".
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WITH DR. Marie mbouni

Founder: Remembering Love: Galactic Shamanism, Cosmic Tantra, Sacred Feminine Shadow, Creativity, Sovereignty. Marie is an MD Anesthesiologist, Full Spectrum Shamanic and Energy Healing Artist, facilitator of sacred ceremonies and retreats, sacred writer, world traveler, love anchor., world traveler All these techniques help her share her Medicine which is LOVE. Marie offers transformational experiences for Star Seeds, light workers, change makers, leaders, way showers and visionaries wanting to step into their wholeness, power and purpose. Through online, in-person, retreats and gatherings, she guides those called to serve at all stages of their development. She helps them tap into their heart-centeredness, intuition, sacred sexual energy, creativity and connectedness; balance, harmony, love and joy. A life fulfilled.

Dr. Marie's free gift is access to her "Divine Inner Alchemy".
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WITH Glenn harold

Glenn Harold is an author, musician and experienced clinical hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of clients over a wide range of stress related problems. His unique and highly effective series of professional hypnosis and meditation recordings have sold over 10 million and are one of the world best-selling self-help audio ranges.

Glenn has written 7 self-help books for Orion in the UK and McGraw Hill in the USA and has produced 100 hypnosis and meditation audios for BBC audiobooks, Orion and his own company Diviniti Publishing Ltd. Glenn plans to release two brand new books in 2018. 

Glenn has 20 years experience as a clinical hypnotherapist in one to one therapy sessions, and in recent years he has worked with many high profile and celebrity clients. In May 2011 he was made a fellow of the British School of Clinical Hypnosis for his achievements in the world of hypnotherapy. Prior to this Glenn’s best-selling hypnosis CD Complete Relaxation was awarded a gold disc by Nielsen book Data for sales of over £250,000. He is the only self-help author ever to receive this prestigious award. 

In recent years Glenn’s Relax & Sleep Well App has become one of the world’s biggest grossing self-help Apps and has been downloaded over 3 million times. It has been number one in the lifestyle chart in over 50 countries and reached number 5 in the USA. Many of Glenn’s hypnosis and meditation apps are free to download and try before you buy on the App Stores.

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WITH vee charles

Vee Charles is a Motivational Content Creator, Self-Worth Coach, & friend. Her mission to act as the catalyst that empowers women to detach from limiting beliefs and align with their authentic selves...unapologetically! She believes that by stepping into our authenticity and loving ourselves fully, we begin to call in the abundance that we once held resistance to and regain our freedom, creativity, and most of all JOY.

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Luna is a Woman of Devotion, a Transformational Leadership Mentor and host of the Ladies Who Lead Podcast. She assists those ready to share their gifts in the world to achieve clear vision and aligned action, by providing supportive, life-promoting experiences, practical tools and spiritual wisdom. Luna is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation internally and externally. Most of all she is here to walk a path of beauty and grace.

Luna's free gift is "How to Cultivate the Sacred in your Business Writing Prompts".
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Alexis Cohen is a Visionary Artist, Women’s Creativity Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. Alexis supports women as they heal and strengthen their connection to their power and intuition so they can birth their creative work into the world. Women are stepping up in a new and powerful way and Alexis is passionate about supporting this new rising tide of women creatives, healers and innovators. Alexis supports women through all their creative processes, including art, writing, ceremony and childbirth. With a decade-long background as a Doula, Alexis finds that her work in birth has beautifully woven into her current practices, and has transformed the way she sees her life and the lives and experiences of her clients.

Alexis' free gift is a Creative Growth Mapping Session. In this complimentary 30 minute session we'll hone in on creative vision, address any obstacles to this vision and come up a plan to move you in the direction of your dreams.
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WITH jolie dawn

Jolie Dawn is an intuitive coach, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, and the bestselling author of “Empowered, Sexy and Free Series” and “The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship”. She runs a company called Prosperity Queendom, an online training platform for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Jolie's free gift is a Empowered Sexy and Free Book.
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WITH sofiah thom

Sofiah is a mentor, author, sacred movement artist, tantrika and entrepreneur committed to guiding women to connect with their brilliance.She is the creator of The Temple Body Arts™ School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance, offering private and group mentorships and certifications, online and in person to help women access their unique gifts and purpose and Live their YES. Alongside her husband Brendan, Sofiah co-founded the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, a conscious festival celebrating music, art and yoga. Together, they co-founded Danyasa Eco-Retreat, a sanctuary for Living Artfully in the beautiful beach town of Dominical, Costa Rica.

Sofiah's free gift is "Meditation Invoking Durga for Focus & Discernment ."
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WITH Kendra e. thornbury

Kendra helps soul-centered women & evolutionary leaders create spiritual and financial freedom so they have a greater impact & make more money....all while being true to who they are! She is passionate about making it easy for those called to serve the awakening on the planet to effectively help more people while doubling, tripling or quadrupling their income.  Kendra E Thornbury, MA, is an international highly acclaimed coach, spiritual guide, speaker, facilitator, humanitarian and entrepreneur. She's on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and conscious business practice, blazing a new trail & wealth revolution. Labels aside, she considers herself a human being simply doing her best to walk a path of authenticity and integrity while making a much-needed difference.

Kendra's free gift is "3 Keys To Making Money Being You: How to Easily Attract Money Doing What You Love And Create Your 6-Figure Freedom Lifestyle."
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WITH joanne ameya cohen

Joanne Ameya is shifting the current paradigms in Women's Emotional Health and Feminine Leadership through her background as a Certified Women’s Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Wisdom Guide, and Shamanic Practitioner.She is the Founder and Creatress of the Woman Rising School for Earth Wisdom and Moon Mysteries. This School aims to support women to leave behind their wounds, hurts, and trauma by embodying their Essence, guided by the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Each woman who enters our School (aka Temple) doors is encouraged to courageously reclaim her natural rhythms as her Soul calls her home to her Truth, Wisdom, Power, and Beauty.Please visit www.joanneameyacohen.com to read through all of her programs, retreats, and pilgrimages that are online or in person.
Joanne's free gift is her "​Free Guide to Earth Rituals"
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WITH taylor manning

Taylor Manning is a business mentor for coaches and passionate service-based business owners who want to share their story, make true change in the world and become Fully Free. At 23, Taylor has already made multiple 6-figures in her business. Taylor helps her clients reach multiple five figure months months, but also experience true freedom and joy in their lives.

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WITH Naia leigh

Naia thrives on life’s beauty, creativity and supporting others in their passions and purpose. She is an international women’s empowerment coach, writer and artist, and guides both the individual and collective process of women’s empowerment. She is the founder of Boundless®, a modality that clears the root causes of blockages, and she leads international retreats and Boundless trainings. Her mission is to create sacred space for women to reunite, heal, and empower one another to be all that they are, and support a new feminine leadership in the world.

Naia's free gift is "10 Steps to Own Your Feminine Power".
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WITH tamara laporte

Tamara Laporte (‘willowing’) is a creative catalyst of thousands of beautiful people. She is a celebrated mixed media artist and art teacher who has been running her own creative business since 2008. Her work can be described as ‘mixed media folk art’ with a focus on ‘magical realism’. It ranges from whimsical children’s illustrations to a more stylized fantasy art. Love, mystery, innocence, hope, spirituality, kindness and self-connection inspires her art work. Symbolism and layering play a big part in her work. She believes that the act of creating art can be a gateway into healing and personal growth – often, her art classes contain an element of self development as well as learning art techniques. She is deeply devoted to helping people get in touch with their creative fire and would love to help YOU too to get in touch with the artist in you!

Tamara's free gift is "The Happy Traveller – Free Life Book 2016 Class" - Be sure to use the discount code; HAPPYHAPPY to get the course for free.
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WITH Beth weinstein

As a transformational business coach, Beth helps current and aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, spiritual leaders, healers, and product creators align with their true purpose and grow their business step-by-step so that they help more people, profit with their passion, and have an abundant business working on their terms, from anywhere on earth. Using her experience starting and growing multiple businesses, along with neuroscience-backed methodologies, spiritual teachings, and practical, step-by-step business action plans, Beth helps you move past your fears and limiting beliefs so that you overcome any obstacle and get your work out to the world in an impactful and successful way. 

Beth's free gift is a " Simple Step-by-Step Process to Release your Fears, Stop Procrastination, and Start Taking Actions to Build your Dream Business, Now!"
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WITH lisa marie GRANTHAM

Business Coach and Lifestyle Expert Lisa Marie Grantham is the Founder of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® and School Of Magical Living™, expert columnist for Aspire Magazine, International Best-Selling Author, and leader of The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™. Believing that women CAN have it all, Lisa has successfully created a thriving, global brand while raising her three children. It’s Lisa’s passion to teach ambitious, soul-centered women how to create an abundant life and prosperous laptop business they love!Lisa’s unique combination of strategic thinking, laser sharp intuition, vast knowledge of holistic health, psychology, human behavior, healing modalities and women’s spirituality plus 20+ years of metaphysical study and practice, results in an effective mix of spirituality and “real world,” no-nonsense practicality that supports her private clients and community in embracing their own “Inner Goddess”. Lisa exemplifies the Goddess Lifestyle as she embraces her powerful feminine nature with pride and encourages other women to do the same.

Lisa's free gift is her "Create Sacred Space ANYWHERE You Desire! design template."
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