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Featured Speaker: Jennifer Riley

Unleash Wealth, Up-level Your Purpose & Get On With Your Mission Already!

"Changemakers MUST harness their manifestation powers to create flowing wealth & change the story of our planet."

In this interview, you will learn:

Why wealth and money is intimately connected to living your purpose
How to get paid more for your services so you can step out of scarcity
Why changemakers MUST live in wealth consciousness so we can make the biggest impact

Jenn of Bountiful Evolution mentors conscious professionals and changemakers to harness their intuitive power, become master manifesters, unleash purpose with wealth and fulfill an up-leveled vision for their life, work and contribution on this planet. She is a transformational mentor, multi-dimensional healer and channel, wealth consciousness coach, purpose igniter and vision midwife. Jen is committed to a regenerative and just world through collaboratively sharing our soul gifts and directing wealth for the benefit of the whole… all with a bit of magic!

Free Gift: 8 Profound and Effective Tools for a Transformed Relationship with Money & Visionary Journey into Your Highest Wealth Expression

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Featured Speaker: Mellissa Seaman

Discover Your Soul Gift

"Follow Your Resonant YES. Let It Be Simple."

In this interview you will learn:

How she went from being a high-powered Stanford trained attorney to an intuitive, spiritual coach
Why choosing a niche is essential for your soulmate clients to understand your work
The 5 types of soul-gifts and how to harness your unique strengths for more flow

Mellissa Seaman is a Stanford-educated former business litigation attorney turned intuitive business strategist. She has worked with Fortune 100 executives, top Silicon Valley tech creatives, and innovative entrepreneurs worldwide. She is paid thousands of dollars per hour for her professional advice and private channeling sessions. For entrepreneurs who are following their own spiritual calling in business, she bridges the advice of their spirit guides with her own business acumen to pinpoint their ideal niche, their unique way of marketing their magic, and a tailor-made step-by-step business plan that fits them perfectly, while staying in full integrity with their vision and calling. She is the creator of the Soul Gift Quiz which has helped over 10,000 creatives worldwide to identify their deepest gift.

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