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Featured Speaker: Alexis Cohen

Artist Ascension

"First, Say YES to what's calling you. Then Learn How to Make it Happen."

In this interview, you will learn:

A sacred way to make offers & invite people to work with you
Why it's essential to connect your work to a greater mission that assists in the ascension of our planet
Why your business requires you to say what you really want to say without holding back

Alexis is a Visionary Artist, CEO of Art Medicine, LLC and founder of the Artist Ascension Academy, a school dedicated to supporting creatives birth their Sacred Body of activated artwork.

Artists are being called forward to create works that carry the light codes and energetic instructions of the New Earth. Alexis is dedicated to supporting this new wave of Artists, Healers and Visionaries during this transformational time on the planet.

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Featured Speaker: Louiza Doran

"You are the right amount of everything for all of the right people."

In this interview you will learn:

How to embrace who you really are despite societal norms and pressure
How to get more visible in your business so you can attract your dream clients
Why great personal boundaries are essential to your business success

Louiza's work is as multi-faceted as she is. She is a coach, an educator and a social impact strategist. Her coaching and consulting practice honors her passion for both social equity and personal empowerment; the two branches of my work naturally bleed into each other. Her unique approach is a holistic one that considers the person, their identity and experiences as well as the communities in which we live. She uses her training, education, resources and personal journey to create a signature system that supports, edifies and guides, her clients through a process that allows them to take an honest look at how they can begin living in alignment with their vision, values and belief system.

Her goal is simple: help people heal through decolonizing their beliefs in order to create relationships, businesses, careers and lives that reflect their values and honor who they are and how they want to live!

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Featured Speaker: Susanna Barkataki

Standing Strong with Love

We are all trailblazers”

In this interview you will learn:

How to lead with love when having uncomfortable conversations
How to weave your ethics and morals into your business to quantum leap your impact
The power of Niching down and getting ultra-specific about your message

Susanna Barkataki is the lead trainer for Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute. She is the creator of the Honor Yoga: Culture, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training.

She trains yoga teachers, studios, nonprofits and businesses in person and online to become leaders in equity, diversity and yogic values so they can embody thriving yoga leadership with integrity and confidence.

She is a diversity coach, inclusivity trainer and yoga culture advocate and the Founder of Ignite | Yoga and Wellness Institute. She has an Honors degree from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Education, is an E-RYT 500 Teacher as well as an Ayurvedic practitioner.

She is honored to have worked in education, training and social justice for over two decades. She studied with her family and Masters in India and the United States in the Hatha Yoga tradition. Susanna loves to support clients in expanding their leadership integrating equity with yoga and wellness.

She consult for teachers and companies from Organize Florida and Yoga Alliance to Yoga Journal and Yoga Girl and love to assist people in bringing their programs successfully in line with their values. She offers training, teaching, consulting and coaching in preson and online in large and small groups so nonprofits, teachers, studios, classes, and programs are well prepared to be inclusive, accessible and welcoming while honoring the roots of yoga.

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