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Featured Speaker: Deborah Hurwitz

Productivity for Perfectionists

"Bring your whole heart and soul to the party."

In this interview, you will learn:

How to release your inner perfectionist so that you can be more productive
How to maximize your results with minimal stress
How to move through procrastination, overwhelm, and daily distractions

Using her signature P.A.C.T. System, Deborah Hurwitz helps creative professionals to break through the paralysis of perfectionism and procrastination so they complete the projects and goals that matter most to them. Deborah is a composer, conductor and recording artist whose internationally acclaimed projects include Cirque du Soleil, Cyndi Lauper and the Broadway smash hit Jersey Boys. She has written, arranged and produced music for television shows ranging from Sesame Street to Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, she released two independent CDs as singer/songwriter Deborah Marlowe, and she's performed on The Tonight Show, The Tony Awards and twice at the White House. As both a career artist and online entrepreneur, Deborah has mastered the art of “single-tasking,” eliminating doubts and distractions to achieve remarkable industry successes, while honoring her creative self-expression and personal integrity. She now helps a tribe 10,000 strong to do the same through her online shows and Mission Accomplished(TM) coaching programs. Deborah is also an award-winning speaker and co-author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, “She Made It Happen: 22 Inspiring Stories From Female Entrepreneurs Around the World.”

Free Gift: Freedom for Perfectionists:

The Five Keys to Maximize Your Results with Minimum Stress. A 3-part video series designed to turbocharge your productivity and creative flow, while reducing the stress of overwhelm, procrastination and daily distractions. Includes step-by-step instructions you can implement immediately, with a special Q&A worksheet for deeper insights and lasting results!

Featured Speaker: Sean Douglas Stewart

Find Your X-Factor and Grow your Business from Flow

"What brings you to life? Weave that into everything.."

In this interview you will learn:

How to stand out in an oversaturated coaching industry
How anyone in any niche can add another stream of income to their business
Why having many passions makes you a gifted visionary

Sean D. Stewart is a transformational business coach, visibility expert and speaker who helps visionary entrepreneurs build a fully expressed, high-impact, freedom-based business around their core genius.  

He is the founder of the creative track and the creator of the Rock Your Gift 5-Day visibility Challenge.  

He’s been featured on NBC, FOX and The New York Times and shared stages with some of the biggest leaders in the personal growth and business industries like Les Brown, Lisa Sasevich and Christian Mickelson.

Originally trained by Tony Robbins and with a background as a spoken word poet, songwriter and rapper, Sean electrifies audiences in his live events, workshops and coaching programs, bringing a fresh approach to the transformation and business industries and inspiring all who witness him to higher levels in life and business.

In an over-saturated coaching industry where many coaches sound identical to others, Sean stands out as a unique voice with an uncompromising commitment help others build a business around their most authentic self.

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